Product update
March 21, 2023

AniEraser 1.0 Unveiled for Effective Media Object Removal, a leading AI tools provider, is thrilled to announce the launch of AniEraser, an advanced cross-platform software solution designed to assist content creators in deleting unsuitable or undesired components from their media files such images and videos.


As the demand for a tool capable of correcting media files continues to soar, with increased usage of search terms such as "photo remover" and "video remover", platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok have seen a surge in personalized or commercial content creation. Users require a reliable solution to remove distracting elements from their media files to attract more views. AniEraser was created to cater to the needs of content creators, such as YouTube influencers or SME marketers.

"AniEraser allows you to erase any unwanted part of your videos and photos with a single click," said product director, Kai Yong, "AniEraser's goal was to ensure that everything the user displays and expresses is clean and complete in a time everyone has been encouraged to express themselves through digital material."

AniEraser offers several features, including effortlessly removing people and other items from photo files. Users can refine their images by removing text, glare, cluttered items, logos, timestamps, and other objects. Shadows, creases, and skin defects from the subject can also be eliminated. Similarly, users can remove people, logos, power lines, birds, and other elements from video files with ease. AniEraser also enables users to remove subtitles from video files without compromising quality.

Furthermore, the software's multiplatform support, including native iOS, Windows/Mac, and web-browser compatibility, and its availability in ten languages, including English, Italian, German, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish, make it accessible to a broad audience. Given its advanced features, AniEraser is expected to benefit content creators significantly.

Compatibility and Price

AniEraser is accessible on desktop (Mac, Windows), mobile (iOS), and online (via any web browser). Users will purchase on any device and get access to all 3 ends. This 3-in-1 purchase solution consists of the following three plans - a Free trial, a Monthly plan of USD 31.99, or an Annual plan of USD 47.99. For more information and a free trial, you can visit the AniEraser website.

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